A Call to Blue Lanterns…

A university chaplain of mine used to remind all us weary, coffee addled undergraduate students that “Sleep is a spiritual discipline”. It is a maxim from which I have derived good benefit, and made sure to indicate the same to other students at the various universities I have had the very good fortune to be […]

A Despair Observed

Kris is onto something. There is a sort of existential despair which surrounds us; we are suspended above the abyss (or the flames, if we consider Jonathan Edwards’s famed sermon). And there are facets of modern theology wherein it is appropriate to say that theology is oriented and orients us toward our deaths. Some, in […]

On Meaning

To start give this page some traffic: http://existentialcomics.com/comic/144 “There is no purpose or meaning to your life, Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance.” The philosopher under the bed, or the idea in my head is genuinely troubling. Other than my two girls nothing keeps me […]


In what follows, I hope to set forward a tentative cluster of ideas which have been gradually impressed on my mind over the past few years. It is the outgrowth of study and conceptual testing of theological categories and polarities like “body” and “soul”, in addition to modern scientific insights about the nature of the […]

Why We Need ‘Religio’

A few years ago, the Youtube video entitled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus”, and generally caused a stir within the evangelical Protestant American Christian community. And it elicited a number of other responses from other Protestants, Roman Catholics, and atheist commentators. And, it is fairly evocative; presenting the comfortable distinction between Jesus and the Pharisees […]

Why Good Theology Values Curiosity

Have you ever noticed that sometimes discussion of theology produces the feeling of anger in some people?  How about fear?  Or anxiety?  Have you ever wondered why? Full scale rejection is unfortunately the road taken before two sides even have the opportunity to discuss their differences amicably.  Theology can be a divisive field to study […]

What If nothing is sacred?

Hitherto we have explored how sacred “the moment” or “the present” is, and questioned the place and dichotomy between “sacred” and “profane”. I am uncertain of saying that all things are sacred, full stop. If all things are sacred in se, then none are. There is one way that we can say all things are sacred, if […]